First R20 Game!

Well, I’m about to start my first actual game of STA 2d20.
It’s aboard the STOS rendition of the USS Atlantis. I play the CMO, Dr. [Lt.] Jakob Avraham, a survivor of Earth’s Eugenics Wars [he was put into a ‘Morrow Project’ style cryosleep berth on Luna when there was a real chance the ‘Genes’ might win]. His creche was found about 15 years ago, but most people in it had died. Furthermore, ‘Dr. Jake’s’ family was entirely wiped out in the nuclear holocaust of the War.
To his [and most everyone else’s] surprise, he passed the testing and entry requirements for StarFleet Academy and, with a somewhat abbreviated detour to Medical School] shipped out to the fleet. He served two terms, one as an ‘exchange resident’ on Andor and another as a staff physician on StarBase 12, but Atlantis is his first shipboard assignment.