Field Scribe AI Card default action question

Field Scribe AI Card defines as default action “M”, but columns are:

  • Health 1-2
  • Friendly models in aura +2
  • Friendly models in aura 0-1

According to this, I can think in any situation where none of this 3 conditions is true, so, in what situations is used the default M action?

The last two conditions are excluding each other and exactly one of them is always met. Either you have 0-1 friendly models in range or 2 or more.

So, why is there a default action?

I would think that the zero on the 0-1 column is an error, otherwise they would never use the default action.

Plus, is that default move reckless or careful?

Just a thought, but I would assume that the default action is used if the Field Scribe is the last friendly model on the board. Guess they would just make a run for it…

Re-reading the M action, I would assume they would always take a careful M toward their objective if they are the last model on the board for their side. The 0-1 and 2+ are aura distances, not number of models

The 0-1 and 2+ are aura distances, not number of models

I don’t think so. The cards says: “Friendly models within aura”, so I think it means number of models within aura


The intention of the default action is for when a model is unable to perform its objective. Normally the default is [A]ttack but the Field Scribe performs [M]ove instead. I shall add that to the errata as that should be in the rules.

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