New Vegas AI cards

About some new AI cards:
Legate Lanius: What does the last line mean? “After F action”
Is it a typo referring to F response? O every action made within the F response heals 3 wounds? or just after the last action made within a F response heals 3 wounds?
(By the way, the AI cards situations usually are ordered from high or full health to low health, from left to right, but this one seems mixed, but it seems fine the F response at low health, it is just a curiosity).
Legion Explorer: it has 2 situations, with friendly/enemy models within Aura, but they can be mixed in a situation just with a friendly and an enemy within Aura/Presence, so the responses could be mixed, and I don’t know how it would be more detrimental to the player (it could be O,A or F), so, does the explorer resolve a response with the Friendly within aura column first, or the Enemy within aura column first?
By the way, Centurion’s AI says Legionary and Decanus models, would the legion explorer (maybe is it a typo on its name?) be taken into account?

Edited: Sorry, I forgot that you read from left to right the situations :sweat_smile:. So, the first situation about the Legion Explorer would be Friendly within presence, regardless of the enemies…
Also, I have seen something odd with Praetorian Guard (Escort), it seems the only AI wich has a “missing health” situation. The AI usually cover all health situations, from 1 to X+, but this one seems an errata, it shows 4+ and 1-2, so it does not have any situation to get a response at 3 health…

Hey @DK-dark

  • Legate Lanius AI Card: Change ‘After F action’ to ‘After F response’.
  • The Legion Explorer AI card is read just like any other AI card - you go from left to right, checking off responses until you find one that would apply. So with the Explorer, you would first see if you have any Friendly models within aura range. If there are, you’d perform those Responses. If you have no Friendly models within aura range, you would then check for Enemy models within aura range and so on.
  • The Centurion’s AI card would apply to Legionary and Decanus models only.
  • Change the rightmost health box on the Praetorian Guard (Escort) from ‘1-2’ to ‘1-3’.
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