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I got a question about faq entry.

“No, models can only be affected by an ability once, so multiple abilities of the same name do not stack. For example, BATTLE EXPERIENCE cannot be applied twice to the same model at the same time. If the same named ability gives two different bonuses, pick the preferred one, e.g. V.A.T.S. with different icons. SPECIALITY abilities with different effects count as different abilities.”

So when you roll for vats and get a cola bottle and a star and you have mystetious stranger II you have to pick one effect? Quick action or MS?

I’d say you get both because that’s a heavy investment of caps but James Sheahan is the likely to add that to his FAQ as soon as he ha a moment to


Mysterious Stranger and Mysterious Stranger II occur depending on what was rolled for V.A.T.S. and aren’t affected by what any of the icons may have been used for by V.A.T.S. So, a model that rolls bottle+star for V.A.T.S., could use the bottle icon to gain an Action Point (assuming their V.A.T.S. ability uses bottles to give APs) and the Mysterious Stranger II Perk could be used to place the MS model as a Star was rolled for V.A.T.S. (Similarly, if the V.A.T.S. uses Stars to generate APs, the bottle+star result (or any result with a star) would be used to generate APs using V.A.T.S., and then Mysterious Stranger II Perk could be used independently to place the MS model.

Note that the Mysterious Stranger II card says that only one Mysterious Stranger Perk can be used per activation, so if a Blast is rolled in V.A.T.S., the player could either use the Mysterious Stranger Perk or the Mysterious Stranger II Perk but not both.

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The Paladins default weapons for Ai and settlement mode are Gatling Laser and Machete, but he doesn’t have the STR for the Gatling laser because he is only str 6 , Should he also have Power Armour listed ?

No, they shouldn’t have Power Armor; however, they can use the Laser Gatling as the first Errata PDF added:

p.8: Solo / Co-op Mode: Set-up
Add at the end of step 2: “Ignore any minimum requirements on Item cards.”

The Errata also added the same on p.24 for players making forces during Settlement use too.