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Action Boy/Girl, Commando Chest Piece and Heroic Interaction

Just confirming this:
If a character has Heroic (and thus VATS) and the Action Boy / Girl perk, they can generate AP off their VATS roll on both bottles and stars. However, they cannot use the perk to generate further AP from stars on other blue dice. They could also choose (ahead of the VATS roll, I assume) to not apply the Perk to the VATS roll, and then generate AP via the perk and dice rolls. Is that all correct?

Does the Commando Chest Piece work the same way as well?

Thanks in advance!


The Action Boy/Girl Perk says ‘A model cannot use this in addition to V.A.T.S. during an activation’.
Same goes for the Commando Chest Piece which says ‘If model already has V.A.T.S., only make a single roll and AP can only be gained from one of the sources’.

As a result, a model can only generate Action Points from either (a) their own V.A.T.S., or (b) the Action Boy/Girl Perk, or © the Commando Chest Piece. (A model with more than one of these must pick to use one of them, i.e. the one with the best chance of generating an AP.)

The blue dice roll for APs is a specific roll so no other blue dice result in other rolls (such as when using a weapon) will generate Action Points.

Hope that helps,


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Just to clarify:

I roll for vats - get two bottles - gain two quick action from heroic.
I get a bottle and a star - have heroic and action boy/girl, yet get only one quick action.

Having the action boy/girl perk or the commando chest piece will never increase the number of quick actions you can get from vats. However it will increase your chances to get any quick actions at all.

Am I understanding that correctly?

I assumed you had to pick which source you would use to roll your blue die, therefore unable to switch which symbol you wanted to use after rolling. Otherwise, the bit on “you can only use one of these sources” makes no sense. So you would just pick Heroic because there are better odds for stars.

Childofthesun is right.

(The intention of the Action Boy/Girl Perk is to give models which are not Heroic an option to obtain a slightly weaker V.A.T.S., rather than to increase a Heroic model’s V.A.T.S. ability)

Got it. Thank you.

Thanks for the clarification!