Fallout Terminals

I still havent used this for a game but I created this web app to have mock terminals. My players could investigate terminals, instead of me just reading something out. So far there is just the one Terminal which is dummy-data for testing.
tell me what you think


This is ABSOLUTELY amazing! I would kill for a copy! Seriously, writing terminal entries is such a huge pain and this looks fantastic. I’d even be happy to send money your way to be able to use something like this.

Great work!

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thank you kindly!
i will continue to work on implementing terminal creation.
in the meantime. if anyone wants their written terminal ideas already up there, i can easily put those up for use.

That’s simply awesome. I don’t play online, but even then, wow. It really brings in the feeling of Fallout. Well done.

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my intent was to just pull the computer(or phone) out in person for my players, click the terminal i want to use and have them go through it for some good rp. but now… i kind of want to ad web-socket functionality for an online idea. thank you for the idea!

This is amazing! A copy or stand in for the hacking system would be cool, but i imagine hard to do, i would be so appreciative for a version we can enter our own text in, even if just to generate handouts for players at the table. Good job on it!

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About the hacking
I had wondered myself if replacing the hacking should be done at all due to that being a dice roll. Other, it would not be hard to do. It would be easy I imagine to generate the password thing, where only one is correct that follows the rules of the fallout hacking game. The way wordle and the fallout hacking game is the same as well. They both follow the rules of the early school game, “Pico Fermi Bagel”.

Dang, you even got the sound effects and everything. If I ever manage to run a couple games for my PCs, I would kill for this kind of prop to show them.