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Fallout 2d20 - Fallout 76 Weapons Homebrew spreadsheet

The following spreadsheet is a list of homebrew weapon stats covering all of the base weapons missing from the core book that are in the game Fallout 76.!Auo8AQD4wi2shknzpnBXvy6dofOl?e=zesczK

Stats were derived by finding max-level weapon damage and comparing them to similar weapons in Fallout 76 that had 2d20 equivalents.

This is a living document and only contains base stat lines without mods.

Operation hOpe4FUTURE will be working on more of this content as we continue to fill the gaps between the core book and Fallout 76 for use in play both on the tabletop and within Fallout 76 proper.

Ad Victoriam friends!


great start! look forward to seeing how this grows. would also love to see your interpretation of scout armor and etc.

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Armor will be next!

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