NPCs' weapons and stats

Hello there, so I’m creating a compendium for my future fallout 2d20 campaign on Foundry VTT and I noticed that some NPCs had weird weapon stats. I want to make my compendium as clean as possible so there we are :
For example, Paladins from BoS have an “Improved long laser rifle” with 6 DC, Piercing 1, Energy damage, Range M, Fire Rate 2, Two-Handed. Fine so this is a laser weapon with a standard stock and long barrel, but where these 6 DC come from while laser weapons deal 4 DC? What exactly means “improved” in the title?

Same thing for synth coursers with their “Boosted Photon Agitator and Improved
Long Barrel” or elders with their “Long laser rifle” with 5 DC and nothing explain why this rifle deals more damage (nothing about a mod (except again a long barrel and a stock) nor title which indicate an upgrade)

Might be nothing important, this is just annoying to have different stats on a same and unique weapon, and even more for players since “Improved long laser rifle, Boosted Photon Agitator and Improved Long Barrel” don’t exist, theoretically. So, did I miss a rule or was it intentional to simplify damage is deal from enemies?

Thank you to those who will enlighten me!

NPC will gain damage as they level. Think of it as gaining perks.

Seems legit if so. Too bad there are no rules about it, it would make easier to create homebrew NPCs and sometimes, their stats seem to be arbitrary in the book. Like… Why a lvl 8 Raider Veteran loses 2 CD on his combat rifle and a lvl 6 Mercenary gains 1 CD on his shotgun? I think I’ll simply adjust those details that I perceive as errors (or at least a bit too easy shortcut). Whatever, thanks for replying me

In some cases it’s an error. Sadly the book is riddled with them.