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Weapon Stats Seem A Little Off

I’m curious how weapons stats were created. On the surface it looks like there’s some kind of Commonwealth bias in the stats - 9mm HP Browning does more damage than a .45 caliber M1911, and the Lee-Enfield does more than an M1 Garand.

The 9mm parabellum is a much more powerful and faster round, but the .45 weighs a LOT more, so it seems to me that they should do the same damage, if not favouring the .45.

Furthermore, the M1 fires a .30-06 and the Lee-Enfield fires a .303. similar grain bullet and nearly identical muzzle velocity.

Are these stats temporary, or set in stone?

Pre-ordered the games, and loving what I’m seeing so far. I just think the damage of the firearms need some revising.

All the best, and keep on rolling! Modiphius is my favourite!

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I am ambivalent here.

Having shot both of the pistols you reference, I agree they should have their stats flipped, and I would probably add the criticism that the one shotgun we get has the “inaccurate” quality, which is exactly the opposite of why shotguns exist and how they work (even though the actual rules for Inaccurate are…tolerable for a scattergun, so I can see leaving it in). My edit would be to bring the Winchester up to 7d Stress and add the Munition quality.

OTOH: I adore how the gear-■■■■-addict part of me is sated by the way stats for weapons are very well balanced between weapons, giving no one weapon an obvious or huge advantage, so my non-gun-nut players can pick something cool or flavorful and know it’s going to be useful at some point.

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I’m not knowledgeable about firearms.
Maybe, some firearms experts could give their recommendations about better representing the actual historical weapons in A!C 2d20 stats?

A collection - in this thread or another - could be helpful for GMs who want to introduce them as house rules for their A!C 2d20 campaign.

Yeah, I’m developing an RPG of my own, and I really wanted my weapon Stats to be somewhat realistic, if not believable, so I got a whole bunch of books to devise a system that measures muzzle velocity, bullet weight (grain) and the power of the cartridge.

Using those metrics I was able to get consistent stats for any gun by knowing the basic stats of the gun.

I hope they revisit this, because they have the Lee-Enfield doing one more point of damage than the Bren, despite it having a slower muzzle velocity, and firing the same cartridge.

I think this is such an interesting question because I think it would be very hard to house-rule the firearms/weapons stats for this game without losing the excellent design success they achieved in terms of creating interesting and cool choices for players by keeping stats, overall but also in individual cases, equitable.

You’d really have to massage things carefully–right now it’s a Jenga tower halfway through the game: not every part is symmetrical on its own, but the whole thing is still nicely balanced.