Falling: How to use bottle icon on Black Dice?

Good day.
Our community has hot discussion about meaning of the bottle symbol on Black dice, what is it used for? If it reduces the armor raiting, why this mechanics did not use armor reduction icon?

It is used when you want to activate special effects of the weapon card

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Not in this case. I’m interested in the roll of the black dice for falling mechanics.

Lets say you fall a yellow distance and your armour rating is 2. It`s 2 fall damage and you roll 1 bottle so your armour is reduced by 1. Now you make an armour roll (page 21 Rule Of Play) and apply eventual damage. Dont know why they didn’t use an armour reduction icon. There is only one on a black dice so the same as a bottle.

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Thank you.
But why this mechanics did not use armor reduction icon?
Can the bottle increase and not decrease the armor rating? Like a lucky falling)

Real answer? Bootboy nailed it. It would only come into play if you’re falling from Yellow distance or higher. Short answer? Put it in the “this is a weird rule no one uses” bin

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I use this rule when my model push back and drops enemy from level above the Orange distance)