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Exclusive Fallout: Wasteland Warfare reveal - 20th March, 2020 - On

Something stirs in the Wasteland… :nukacola:

Make sure you tune in at 5pm GMT / 10am PST / 13pm EST on the 20th of March, 2020 for an exclusive first look! :modiblue:


21 hours… ahhhhhhhh


Crossing fingers its the Enclave. It’s been too long since hearing about them! Also ‘Colonel Autumn’ would be a nice play on words :blush:

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Enclave is May till August, this is for September onwards though something is dropping tomorrow that was supposed to be dropping at adepticon



For anyone wondering what was revealed, these images should answer that question :slight_smile:

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I was expecting they were giving us a better look at the Mirelurk Queen. I confess, this excites me more. I might have been a bit over excited, I ordered four of the Ranger.

As for the Vault prints, . . . I’m a little disappointed. There’s no indication of a floor with the set, which is going to make spacing an issue when setting up, and I see no indication of a way to do multi layer setups.

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Yeah I hadn’t thought about that with the vault prints, they might still require a fair bit of scratch building to get into a permanent setup. Though it looks like all the wall sections should be self standing, so maybe it’s supposed to make it easier to have a fully modular system where you can change the layout easily each time?

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I heard from someone earlier who had picked it up and was already printing some. They seemed pleased with the result. I suppose I’ll see what they look like when someone finally gets around to posting some. Not having some way to lock them in relation to one another is probably my biggest concern. And multi level vaults is something I kind of want to do too. (We played a game on the overpass segments I built the other day and playing the game in a more three dimensional way, both when it came to shooting and maneuvering around opponents, was incredibly fun. We quickly house ruled that if you were dropping molotovs, you could drop them further down than your throw skill so long as you were just dropping them off the edge of the overpass. We were fighting in stairwells. We were drawing line of sight through the middle layer of the largest overpass segment from a third story window to models on the ground. It was one of the funnest games we’ve played.) I think if it’s done so you can only play it as a single level, it will prove to be a missed opportunity.

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Playing on a proper three dimensional map sounds awesome, it’s something I definitely want to try at some point!

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I am curious how these are going to compare to the vault pieces from Black Site Studio. It seems that there is alot less variety with these, no multi-level capability and no flooring. I guess it comes down to price when they make the physical models available, at least for me.


is somebody got vault stl for now? what is the default size of it’s? height and so on.

OOOF can’t wait for an NCR release! Looks like Ill have a new faction!

I wish the vault came with printeable floors that you could easily put together in new ways, kinda like the terrain of Fat Dragon Games. Also I might be mistaken, but the slides don’t look like they can hold the walls together well.

One competitor even has a vault doors that can be opened with levers (including the big vault door) and elevators that can be moved over different levels. Compared to this the printeable doors look superp, but also clunky. Which is understandable as even basic mechanicsm will be difficult to pull off properly with resin.

As for the overall look: dope - much better than its mdf counterparts and more affordable if you have a printer. Though I hope that Modiphius will look into ways to improve the design and make their vault sets the undisputed #1.

Btw here’s an example of how the printeable sets of Fat Dragon Games look like: