New releases now available

Vault Dwellers! We’ve got some new releases for you! These are limited stocks some of the Wave 2 sets we’re letting you get your hands on early! The barricades and weapon sprues are only available online whilst the notebooks, and military barriers will hit retail in a couple of months. They may not last long so don’t hang around!


Jumped all over that. One of each and two sets of the junk barricades. Very excited!

I got one of each of the sets Plus the nuka notebook, I’m going to use the weapons to stock the “shop” in my settlement.

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It looks like the weapons comes with two sets of each (Mentions two sprues each of mele/ranged). I figured that I’d use mine for a mix of weapon swaps and decoration. Odds are I’ll nab another set in the future if I like how these turn out.

Definitely tempted by that weapons pack, it’d be brilliant for kitting out minis I’ve sculpted/doing conversions with!

Order just shipped! Sounds like it’s going to be here in a couple of weeks! I’ll try to get some pictures when they come in. I’m especially excited for the junk barricades and weapons.