Enclave Wave Bundle

So the Enclave Bundle pre-order does not include Frank Horrigan and is in fact more expensive then actually buying the boxes individually. It does not really seem like much of a deal just to get Lorenzo earlier since he will eventually be available separately. Also the Tesla and Soldier expansion boxes are not listed.


Yeah, they sort of treated Frank the same way as they treated the Behemoth for Super Mutants.

And I suspect the Soldier and Tesla sets will be next month’s offerings (Along with at least one more item.)

I got the Enclave bundle. Three extra core boxes, one extra hellfire box, Frank, and one extra of each of the card sets. Plus a package of bottlecaps, . . . . because you can never have too many bottle caps.

You may be correct since based on the pre-orders that my FLGS is taking from Alliance (where I got the pictures) it looks like the T-45 Power Armor set may be the release along with these two since they also have it up for pre-order. Since there is no real deal ordering them here, I think that I will just wait and support my FLGS since they could use the business. I just hope that Modiphius actually ships them out to Alliance shortly after the pre-orders rather than months later like what happened with much of the last wave.

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The bundle costs 120£, if you buy the boxes separately it costs 132£. In fact, you have Lorenzo Cabot and Denizens of the Wasteland Card Expansion Pack free (you pay 2£ for that).
Modiphius bundles are always interesting for my wallet.

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You are correct it seems that I forgot to include the Denizens card pack so you basically save $15 getting the bundle plus Lorenzo. However, it is not much of a deal and once I factor in shipping to the US then it is far cheaper to buy them from my FLGS.

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The bundle deals are always the most cost effective way to do their content. Even places that give small discounts on model boxes are hard pressed to match the price, and that’s before you get any discount codes to save a few extra bucks. I buy most of my Wasteland Warfare from the modiphius site, and other places when I see good sales.

@Gatekeeper: As I had stated above, not really a great deal once you factor in shipping costs. Their previous bundles were more cost effective than this one seems to be.

Might be the size of my orders that get the shipping price down, but I haven’t seen shipping being that bad.

I got the Enclave bundle, three extra core boxes, one extra Hellfire set, one extra of each of the two card decks, Frank Horrogan, and a package of bottlecaps. And bigger orders tend to save more on shipping.

Sorry to depart on this one, as I did get the Mirelurk bundle, but like Everyman, I’ll get these down the road from my FLGS or a stateside supplier.

I didn’t do the math on your order, but I know for myself and probably a few others, I don’t have that level of disposable income. Although I have ordered a fair bit straight from Modiphius, this one is a pass. I know they’re trying to not undercut their retailers, but they’re cutting a couple middle men. As long as it’s offered only on preorders, a more enticing price cut would be appreciated by us, and likely acceptable to retailers.

I wonder if we may see the Enclave Soldier and Tesla sets up for pre-order (along with the T-45 power armor set) this Friday.

Dangit! I forgot to use the free shipping coupon code on my last order! It was over 150 GBP. arrrrrr!

Well, if it’s a preorder, you might be able to cancel and resubmit?

Well maybe tomorrow the Enclave Soldier and Tesla sets will show up along with the T-45 power armor set.

Received my enclave wave today. Brilliant set but… I have 2 soldiers in the core box that are the same. Both numbered j1 looks like I’m missing number 2 ( process of elimination)
Anyone out there get 2 number 2s and missing number 1?

Hi Jakesy, I’ve had this happen on other orders I’ve got from Modiphius. They are very helpful, go into their website and fill in the contact form- https://www.modiphius.com/contact.html

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Already done. Glad I didn’t start cutting and glueing straight away.

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I believe this is correct. Miniature Market already has the next wave up for Pre-order.

Got the new stuff! Love that I can pose Lorenzo in an Hadoken stance.


And another WIP.


Just got the first of three Enclave related orders I made yesterday. Got them all built in a single night. Pretty excited about the next order that should arrive (It mailed a day later than the first order, so hopefully will be here tomorrow) so I can add Frank to the army. With the exception of him, I have two of everything except the command models which I have one of. Also pilfered a couple of BoS grunts to paint up as Enclave non-power armored troops.

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