Email updates and stocking notifications?

Is there anyway to be notified if something comes back in stock? Or even anything vaguely resembling a date for a re-print (re-re-print?) of wave 1.

I missed out on the terrain, robots, and waste-land creatures. I would love to get my greedy hands on these. Though I am sure when they get back in stock it will all go fast.

So is there some way to get notified when this stuff is back in stock? Browser plugin, email list, smoke signal?

Here is to hope!

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Yes there is a small tab you can use to add your email address on the page to get a notification


GREAT! I must have 10 characters.

Is there any news on when everything will be in stock again, I mean, days, weeks, months?

The rest of things going back in stock waiting on a card pack delivery so hopefully over the coming weeks - we’re planning re-stocks of 2-3 sets each month.