Elpaco's custom terrain

Hey @FJElpaco I am from Spain (nose si hablas español) and I am new to building terrain from scracth and I was wondering the name of the materials you use for your roads and overpass in spanish and in which stores do you buy them? Thank you!

Hola Sipidanka, sin problema:

  • Forex: el nombre técnico es PVC espumado. Yo lo compro en Barcelona en Servei Estació [Servei Estació | La ferretería de Barcelona]. Tienen una variedad enorme en varios tamaños y grosores.
  • Goma EVA: es un material que se ha popularizado para manualidades, creo que todos los coles ya la usan. Aquí la encuentro en cualquier tienda de chinos, de arte o en el Carrefour en un montón de colores por unos 0.70€ la hoja de 60x40cm…

Aparte de eso, te recomiendo que siempre tengas un surtido de otros materiales, como cartulina, madera de balsa, palillos de dientes, palillos de cocktail, perfiles de madera, etc. En muchos chinos hay estanterías enteras dedicadas a manualidades y verás más cosas interesantes.

Para la pintura, usa tubos baratos de acrilica de unos 75-100ml y brochas y pinceles cutres, en los chinos también los encontrarás. Imprescindibles los pinceles grandes de cerdas planas para pincel seco.

Y en cuanto a adhesivos, basta un bote de cola blanca y superglue.

Espero haber sido de ayuda.

Sorry boys for this post in Spanish

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Perfecto!! Si has sido de muchisima ayuda! Muchas gracias por todo! Me pondre a buscar y a ver que cosaa puedo ir haciendo! Gracias de nuevo

Thank you, Alaiteir. So you would love these ones, screenshots can be both on background AND foreground. Might be the stupid/funniest thing I ever made with Photoshop… :joy:


Que bien encontrarse otro paisano por aqui!! Soy de Aguilas en Murcia, @elfalloutero en Instagram, Salvador en el grupo de Facebook. Necesito oponentes! :sweat_smile:
Hola Sipidanka! :sweat_smile:


Hi. These are my new trading posts. Built as Fallout 4 pier 2 shops, my settlements cannot afford an emporium… :flushed:

Materials used are foamed PVC, balsa wood, carboard for the signs and masking tape for the roofing fabric.

Comments are welcome.


Nice job, I like how you’ve done the roof. I made a trader post similar to yours but never put one on. I’ll fix that for next time :grinning:

Thank you. Pictures would be appreciated!

Yesterday we used trading posts in a custom scenario featuring a market/fair in the wasteland were both players were looking for a hidden Gunner’s captain, located on a random place (out of 20 possible ones, using investigation markers). My mission was finding and extracting her from the table, and my foe had to kill her. NPCs civilians and guards could be interacted using Presence, because any “illegal” activity causing a trigger to any of them was not allowed until the captain was found. NPCs could be moved and rumours obtained if Presence test were succesful.

We made a lot of pressure to the core rules, but the rules worked very well!!! What an excellent game…

Red Rocket is not mine, is built and painted by a friend.


Just found your thread, this is unreal! :open_mouth: Every photo looks like not even a game screenshot, but an actual photo at 1:1 scale. And all of it is thought through so well - I love it! :slight_smile: Looking forward to more!



Excellent! Very interesting the use of ropes

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Hi everyone! During the last few last weeks I’ve been working on projects for other games, but managed to create some new pieces for my FWW collection.

Trees, made with real wood bits.

A mini camp, with tent and campfire.

A bunch of bushes.

And some supermutant stuff… Steel poles are made from bits of foamed PVC and balsa wood. The cage is cardboard. Meat bags are milliput ■■■■■ soaked in sand, polyestirene bits and wood sticks.

This picture was taken playing the scenario 4 from the campaign Zines from the Commonwealth (Scenarios for “Project: Lunchbox” by 51MONSTER2):


They look amazing!

Vaya pasada amigo, aquí otro jugador de fww, en este caso de la ciudad de Murcia. Muchas gracias por compartir tu arte y por la cantidad de ideas que me has dado, yo también soy de hacer escenografía con sobras y materiales diversos, vaya nivelazo tienes, y lo de montar las fotos con los fondos… Me quito el sombrero ante usted.

Muchas gracias, señor. A ver si te animas a construir algo y nos lo enseñas para que también aprendamos.

Several weeks ago I built a bunch of easy-to-make drums but forgot to post the pictures…

They are made from my aquarium’s hard plastic pipe. Close the ends with cardboard bits cut in round shape, add four tiny stripes of masking tape all around the pipe and glue a plastic bit cut from a miniatures sprue to make the lid.


That’s so awesome!

Really excellent stuff, mate. Your attention to detail is incredible! And using game screenshots for backdrops is inspired. Do you take the screenshots custom yourself, or just find ones on the internet that work “well enough”?

Thank you for your comments. All the screenshots belong to my own games. For me, is a new way of exploring the wasteland…