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Elpaco's custom terrain

Hi to everyone, this is my firt post at this forum. I started playing FWW almost one year ago and since then I painted about 50 minis and built some custom terrain. At this time, my terrain collection is pretty nice, so I decided to share with all of you. I usually play raiders, but can also field BoS, SM and robots. The survivors and creatures than can be seen at the pictures, belong to a friend.

This is the core of my settlement

Some real battle pictures with more pieces added. I always try to apply modullar thinking, so the different parts should be set in different ways.

Portraits from the narrative campaign I am playing against my survivor friend… Front door negotiation is easier when Ack Ack supports you :sweat_smile:

I will show more terrain when I gather good enough photos.


Nice work, I like the farming land terrain with the tilled soil. Is that made from corrugated cardboard?

That’s some awesome looking terrain!

Thank you. Yes, is corrugated cardboard, glued on a hard piece of PVC to avoid folding and sanded to add some texture.

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Some Wasteland assorted pieces: roads, fences, bus stop, radio tower relay…

And this one from an Into the Wasteland scenario, played on a L-shaped tableboard. What a nice add-on for this game, congratulations to the designers!!


Vault 111 elevator. Built using the two new magic materials: Forex (PVC foamboard) and EVA rubber.

Nuka-Cola sign, including WIP pictures. A must for any Fallout board!!

First time coming back to Vault 111… ooooops…

And first battle hosted. Survivors and some supermutants belong to a friend.


I’m going to have to try that out.

And now, several pieces for industrial outdoor facilities.

Wastewater pool. Water is made out of the superb Vallejo Agua Transparente. The two lesser reaction pools are Pringle lids with Milliput bubbles.

Factory cabin. For the walls, I used 2mm Forex covered with EVA rubber to carve the plate lines and rivets. Floor is also EVA rubber. Basement is foam board with flexible wire to make the railing. For the structure of the ramp I used balsa wood. Both the basement and ramp are covered with antimosquitoes steel mesh.

Fences. For the structure use Forex for the base, wood for the vertical poles (cocktail sticks if rounded or balsa rod if squared) and wire for the horizontal poles. I drill holes (slightly narrow than the pole) in the base and cut the vertical pole at the desired lenght. Then I soak one end of the pool with PVA glue and use a hammer to stick to the hole (yes, a usual hardware hammer. Please, hit the hammer, not your fingers). Add the horizontal poles with PVA and let dry. Then, cut antimosquitoes mesh with scissors and use superglue to put on the structure.

And some real battle pictures.


My two-storey built up area. Several rooms/buildings that can be set in different ways. Placed all together with the outdoor extension make a 90x90cm / 3x3 feet board, but it works like a battlefield very much larger.

Walls and base are 3mm Forex. Floors are EVA rubber with details carved. Doors are removable, I use the same piece cut from the wall to make them. All the furniture and decoration is custom made, with only several little pieces from my Survivor friend’s 3D printer.

The rooms are sized to be stored one inside the other like russian dolls.

Second storey is also removable and holds on a forex column with the elevator door and two round 5mm wood sticks. I drill two 5mm holes in the lower base (I will substitute them with transparent methacrylate in the future). The holes are so small that aren’t noted if you play a one-storey game. First floor is obscured when you use the two-storey configuration, so I glued a magnet on the ceiling to add a little LED lamp.

Conveyor belts.

And several details and battle pictures.

Hope you like.


All looks awesome mate nice work

These are all really well done!

Hello again. This is my elevated highway!! Made with a combination of 3mm and 5mm Forex, some foamed cardboard, balsa wood and EVA rubber.

Dimensions are roughly 3ft/90cm long, 1ft/30cm wide and 1ft/30cm high. All the elements are removable for easier storage.

The lift system is built using Forex for bars and frames, cardboard for metal plates, steel mesh and wire. Has capacity enough for up to two 40mm based models.

The lifter itself fits into the frame of the ground plattform.

It can also be put in the top position. I glued magnets under the highway and use a small steel plate as holder. The lifter has a little magnet, too.

Hope you enjoy. I am now finishing a Gunner outpost. A Fallout elevated highway with no Gunners is not completed!!!


While I’m not sure how practical the overpass is for regular gaming, it sure does look awesome!

I really like how well thought-out it is, how it can be disassembled so well. And the lifter looks fantastic!

That looks great! I’ve wanted to build an overpass to use for Into The Wasteland and This gives me inspiration to try it.

This is my Gunners outpost, made with the usual materials: Forex, balsa wood, EVA rubber, cardboard, wire… Barricades and lockers are 3D printed. Rest of furniture is scratch built.

The windmill engine is built using an empty paint bottle, bits of unknown origin grabbed from my scratch parts box, straws, cocktail sticks… and a lot of masking tape to achieve the final shape

A set up proposal using both the overpass and the outpost.

And a pair of action pictures. Backgrounds are screenshots from my Fallout 4 games :grin:

Hope you to enjoy


You are right, mate. Scenarios must be well designed to make this scenery practical. I already proved an AI mode assault scenario using the table seen in the previous post and it worked fine. The key is that you have a two-level battlefield and players must be encouraged to move between the two levels. I set 3 ways to access the overpass:

  • the lifter
  • the right side of the highway (It is supposed that it continues out of table and I allowd a limited number of attacker models to the set up there)
  • the tree in the left behind the overpass, than can be climbed if you are crazy enough. Good chance to use the Rope and Climbing Spikes cards… Cards that I did not use and my Psycho felt twice and ended badly… I failed 2 out of 3 climbing Agility 7 dice tests…

Awesome project

Today I built… a trailer!!! :smile:
All the structure and wheels are Forex. The ladders are balsa wood. And I used a strip of EVA rubber for the bottom.


Pictures from my last game, using a bunch of the new terrain. This game was the seventh of a custom narrative. I played Raiders (Gunners) defending the overpass outpost and my rival played Survivors, trying to erradicate the threat of having a new faction in the neighborhood.

Victory for Survivors (big shame on me)… But I enjoyed a lot. This battle was very fun, with several tactical decisions to be taken. Survivors had three ways of getting to the outpost: the lifter, the left end of the highway (a limited number of models were allowed to deploy beyond the wooden runway, protected by a Mark I turret and a frag mine) and the Rope card. My Veteran Raider in power armor was able to beat the Survivor party deployed on the overpass, but my other men failed to defend the lifter on both levels. A single settler with diabolic dices killed 4 of my Gunners, including a battered assaulton and ruined my game… This guy won a name in battle, like vikings…

I hope this post would serve as inspiration for any of you.


Those photos with screenshot backgrounds look awesome!