ED-E Custom Eyebot

Made a version of Ed-e from New Vegas.


Beautiful, I’ve been planning to do something similar. Mind walking us through how you did it? Especially the license plate and bumper sticker?

I’ve been thinking about using a little piece of card stock (Maybe an index card) for the license plate, and something really thin and glossy like a wrapper (Butterfinger?) for the pumper sticker.

Thanks! I used some cardstock for the license plate glued it on and painted it red went bac to paint in the 2ed e59 reg number after the red dried added a whithe outline to the licensplaye and then roughed it up. I used regular printer paper for the bumper stickerharder to handpaint so it is unreadable though. I could not find any good flat pictures of the plate and sticker otherwise I would have tried to just print them out befor gluing.


Thank you for the walkthrough. It sounds like you took a pretty similar approach to what I have planned.

This is awesome! I’m hoping on making an ED-E as well! :smiley:

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Did you consider doing something to raise the license plate number up a bit or does it seem too small to matter?