Dragonborn Triumphant

I was wondering if there was, or will be a Dragonborn Triumphant hero card. I know there is an adversary card, which does have the same stat numbers as the Champion of Skyrim Dragonborn, so maybe the model is supposed to use the same card?

…Also, since there was a Katria hero card for her ethereal model, will there be an ethereal Dragonborn hero card? Just curious…

Issue number 444 (April, 2020) of Miniatures Wargames had promo foil unit card for the Dragonborn with alternate art from the one in the boxed set (and the errata and the Chapter One card pack). The title was the same (The Dragonborn* Champion of Skyrim), it had a male Dragonborn with just a shield and the skills attached to the stats were different. I don’t know if it was because it was a sneak peek, unerrata’d card or a different character.

Oh, that’s cool! Man, I wish I had known about this sooner. I wonder if I can still find a new copy that has the card in it.

I did look up the issue and saw the cover that mentioned a new scenario from then as well, so I might have to start getting this magazine.

Thanks for the help!

The promotional Dragonborn Triumphant hero card is indeed available from that issue of MW (you might be able to get a copy direct from them but not sure). It is titled the Dragonborn Triumphant as per the model but functionally identical to the Champion of Skyrim from the core rules box.

The Block skill is (incorrectly) listed against the Endurance stat, the same as the original core set ones were prior to the errata (believe it was indeed as it was printed before that was changed during development).

Not sure if there will ever be a distinct card for an ethereal Dragonborn as that miniature is to represent when the Become Ethereal spell is used (whereas Katria doesn’t really have a choice in the matter…).

I can understand that about the Ethereal Dragonborn, and now that you mention it, I vaguely remember seeing something about that.

As for the magazine, unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a physical copy, let alone one with the card in it. All I am finding are PDFs, other back issues, or subscriptions for the current magazines. I’m going to look a little more, but I was hoping to grab one, since I know it is out there now.

I know there is a different magazine, Tabletop Gaming issue 43 in 2020, that has an exclusive scenario that I had found. Do you know of any other magazines, or issues that have something similar?

We often have the Dragonborn Triumphant card available at shows. If you are able to make Dragonmeet in December, we’ll have some there.

I live across the pond, unfortunately. But if I am able to head over that way, I might have to make a stop!

I believe we’ll be at Adepticon next year. Had a great time there this year. Was introduced to the phenomena that is a Reuben.

Mmmmmm. Reubens…

Quick scan of what I’ve got:

Miniature Wargames 444 - April 2020 - Voice of the Sky scenario and Dragonborn Triumphant promotional card.

Miniature Wargames 452 - December 2020 - Showcasing the Bleak Falls Barrow terrain board Part 1

Miniature Wargames 452 - January 2021 - Showcasing the Bleak Falls Barrow terrain board Part 2

Miniature Wargames 460 - August 2021 - The Power Circle scenario and Part 1 of Gavin’s guide to making Into the Dark tiles.

Miniature Wargames 461 - September 2021 - Silkweaver Caverns scenario and Part 2 of Gavin’s guide to making Into the Dark tiles.

Tabletop Gaming - June 2020 - The Secrets of Shriekwind scenario.

Wargames Illustrated 406 - October 2021 - Building Breezehome terrain guide Part 1

Wargames Illustrated 407 - Building Breezehome terrain guide Part 2

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There’s a painting tutorial for doing the Stormcloaks as Whiterun Hold Guards in October’s WI.

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That’s a lot! I will have to buy the PDFs for those, probably. Thanks, everyone!

Into the Dark tiles and Breezehome sounds really interesting, so I am looking forward to reading those! I am also glad that a painting tutorial for Whiterun Guards are coming out. I am a shoddy painter, so having a referance to do the hold guards would be wonderful.