(Disasters) Mission Briefs

I really enjoy the Mission Briefs! “001 Growing Pains” was very cool (and made me want to play in the ENT era) and “002 Disasters” gave me a devilish grin thinking of all the evil obstacles I will throw at my players once I incorporate these into my games.

Yet one thing made me wonder: Mission 01.80 “The Void” involves some Nausicaans – but refers, for stats, to the Jem’Hadar. Are there no stats for Nausicaans in STA?

Spoiler: There are, but not in the Core Rulebook. It seems that Modiphius has a policy of “only refer to Core Rules” in the Mission Briefs, which is simply decent. Indeed, the Core Rules should be everything one needs to be able to use free material. Thanks, keep that up!

Yet, since one or the other owns additional material: Stats for Nausicaan NPCs (both Minor and Notable) can be found in the Alpha Quadrant supplement. And while I’m adamant that Modiphius should keep their policy of “only refer to Core Rules” in Mission Briefs, I think that some additional (advertising) information (“Use xyz NPC for this NPC or find stats in the abc supplement.”) wouldn’t hurt. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s a fine line. I don’t want anyone to feel like the briefs are veiled advertising or forcing you to buy a supplement.


Uninvited Guests and Rude Awakening leave me a bit puzzled, though.

With Uninvited Guests it is: What do the aliens plan with the energy siphon? Is it a means of communication going awry (the sidebar hints at this, referencing unintended havoc)? Is it a weapon (it seems to be) – but why shooting at someone while inviting them to a romantic tea party? Also, the tea party… well.
This brief feels like it would better fit into a TOS series. At least it feels like I always felt lots of the TOS episodes to be: Objectively funny to outright hilarious but with some logic fallacies and loose ends that just don’t add up. Sorry to all TOS fans here – I’m probably just way too young. :slight_smile:

With Rude Awakening it’s the injured Founder: How did it survive? How long? Was it in stasis, too?

These are points that probably were left open by intention, to let the GM in question fill out details. I’m fine. But I’d be interested in how you all would answer the questions above! :slight_smile:

OK with the Missions briefs, I get the impression that they don’t include info to facilitate conversion to an era other than the one they’ve been written for.
Is that accurate?

Sometimes the “adding this mission to your campaign” sidebar for each brief includes notes about adapting it to a different era.

That being said, nearly all of the mission briefs could be adapted to another era with very little difficulty.

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