Mission Briefs example and discussion

For those curious about mission briefs and their use in a STA game, check this out. Would love to hear thoughts if it was useful or not.


I think it’s useful. I consider myself to be a somewhat seasoned GM, so I already had an idea how to use Mission Briefs. Glad, though, that I obviously use them as intended.

As to Mission Briefs themselves: great concept, I love it. I’m very fond of the idea of finding at least some mission briefs in every upcoming supplement. :slight_smile:

While I’m at it: Despite I intend to buy almost every STA product, please feel positively reinforced to keep your “only reference NPC of Core Book or same supplement” as it is just fair. :slight_smile:


@Modiphius-Jim If you do find a NPC from a supplement that is not of the same or Core rulebook would be prefect for the mission brief, have you considered just reprinting the NPC in the new supplement?