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Diamond in the Junk (A Starter Scenario)

I ran a demo table for 3 days at a con last weekend, so I wrote a simple scenario for players to test out the game. It doesn’t dig into the more complicated rules so it worked well and people really enjoyed it.

DiamondInTheJunk.pdf (638.0 KB)


Nice! Looks like a solid little intro scenario.

I ended up running this for a couple of new players at my FLGS last week. It worked really well, although I would impose a turn limit next time. They got a little distracted from the objective just killing each other, and once one side was wiped out the other was just able to claim victory automatically.

Glad it worked well for you. A time limit is a good idea, I left that up to the one running the scenario based on how busy the demo tables would be, I just forgot to reflect it in the notes.

Where can I get this landscape template for scenarios?