Deathclaw Crush and breaking engagements

So Deathclaw Crush. The errata says you just move the target unit yellow. Since it’s a move that would trigger free attacks for any engagement that’s broken?

It is a push back too, the rules say push back does not allow any free attack on the pushed model if it breaks an engagement (p.36)

The errata specially calls the throw a move. There’s no mention of pushback on the card or errata:

The Deathclaw Crush weapon card mentions throwing a model. Does this use the Throw skill?
A. No. The ‘thrown’ model in this case is simply moved up to yellow away

So it does not follow the pushback rules as written. If they wanted it to be a pushback why would the card use the term throw and have a clarification in the errata that it’s just a move?

You’re probably thinking of Deathclaw Swipe which does have a push back on blast.

Yes, sorry, I thought the card had the black arrow😅.
The actual push back symbol is a black arrow, so yes, it only throws away, so you could not follow the model.
As written in p.25, the model needs to Move (the capital letter means performing the action), and after playing a lot this game, all the similar situations I have had don’t give the free attack to the model, just the voluntary movements (usually written in the scenario rules or situations when that could happen, but that one is a wave 1 card that maybe should be refined)

You could think something similar with Lorenzo Cabbot, he can push back Orange within green range (but the rules say the model pushing back could follow the model pushed back, so…:sweat_smile: I don’t think Lorenzo could move Green after pushing back at green range because he needs to finish this Special movement in contact…), but that should be stated on the card yes, same with the Crush (maybe the card has still an errata and is missing a black arrow, there is no other card wich could do that without the symbol)
By the way, maybe Lorenzo Cabbot or his weapon could have a mistake with the black arrow (it is supposed he or the wielder of his weapon could not follow the target, even having the black arrow there), because in Into the Wasteland, Swan can throw away models at melee, but the card does not have any black arrow (the only one I have found like Crush), it just says throw the model Red and scatter orange… it would be odd if Swan could get here a free attack just after throwing away a model, because the model is being obviously disengaged😅

Hey both,

@DK-dark has it correct. There would be no follow up attack as they leave combat because an action is not being performed. As noted, the capital letter is the important distinction between an action (Move) and just navigating the table due to an effect (move).

About Lorenzo Cabbot, would not be better to delete the push back arrow and write “throws the target” as Crush or Swan’s attack? :thinking:
Just because it could create some confusion with the black arrow symbol and the push back rule

Hey @DK-dark,

After a spot of research, I’d say that the ‘throw’ bit on the Deathclaw Crush should be replaced with the throw icon on Cabbot. This is because the arrow is defined in the Rules of Play. Also, ‘Throw’ is an action and the wording on Deathclaw Crush could confuse things with that as its not an ‘Action: Throw’.

We’ll catch that in our next update.

So… can you follow the target with Crush? Or with Swan’s grab?
Lorenzo should not be allowed to move after pushing back, because he does it at range, but rules don’t say anything about that, just “move to remain engaged” after pushing back, maybe that should be refined.

Any instance of an ability using the Black Arrow icon would provide a follow up move afterwards (unless the ability says otherwise), as per the rules on p36 of the Rules of Play.

Lorenzo is a bit of an edge case, as he is doing what is effectively a melee combat ability at range with his Shove. We’ll fix Lorenzo in the next errata. For the time being, play it so his Shove does a Push Back without a Move afterwards.