Deathclaw Questions

Just played a game with a Deathclaw vs the Sole Survivor and Dogmeat. AI Deathclaw won, with only one hit left on its card. Two questions that I have been unable to find answers for though:

  1. The Deatclaw AI card says that a Gear symbol adds a ! to Crush. In the rules an attack in need of priming uses C counters, and the Deathclaw does not seem to be able to make use of critical points. I played that the ! added a C to the Deathclaw Crush. Correct?

  2. The Deathclaw Crush stuns and throws the target yellow. There are no rules I could find for throwing figures, only weapons. Could easily have missed something as I cannot fine my pdf copy of the rules so could not electronically search. Are there an special effects of throwing a figure or is it in effect just “move” the target yellow distance?


Really enjoyed the game and it gave a great simulation of…the simulation its based upon.

Well done!


Hi Bob,

Great to hear you enjoyed it and your game was so close.

  1. You are correct. The Deathclaw card should have said to add a counting token to Crush (not Critical Point). That’s a typo that’s not been flagged before. I shall make a note of it for the errata. Thanks for raising it. (Originally, Primed Weapons used Critical Point (!) counters but that seemed easy to confuse with criticals, so the rule was changed but it seems the Deathclaw AI card was not.)

  2. You are correct - in this case the throw is simply to move them rather than the Throw skill itself



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Excellent. Thank you for the fast response.

…getting thumped by super mutants now.

Just like my video game experiences :slight_smile: