Damp Air event card and Green die "blank" face ruling

On the Damp Air event card, does the first green die mean a BLANK green die face or ANY green die face?

Blank green’s don’t exists and have been covered in the errata, but there’s some debate on the Facebook group if this card means any green die rolled results in a -1, or if it ADDS an extra -1 to any roll.

We’ll get an answer to you next week @RyanDanger87 - sorry for the delay!

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Many thanks, Dom!

So this is a weird one, as I’m just not sure what the original intent was.

We have had a chat and have decided that whilst the Damp Air Event Card is active, all results on the Accuracy Effect Dice are the -1 modifier to the Skill Roll.


I think there is a mistake with the icon. As I said in Facebook group, Damp air does not mention any blank face, just shows a wrong icon (because the green die should have the white dot, so you understand it is referring to “Any [green die]”), actually it seems a green die “rolled” (because they take out the dots on effect dice when they want to show a rolled face), even if the die does not have any blank face.
Every single card wich refers to a blank face in this game, is actually written after the die icon (like Clear event card or Fresh event card, but in this case, they used the yellow die icon without any rolled result and the -1 was written after), so I would say it is just a mistaken icon.
Using it as -1 for every green die seems pretty well, according to the text, rest of the cards and rules

Agreed. Whether the intention was “blank” or “any,” the waters got muddied on this one.

But now we know: any and all green die rolls are treated as -1 when Damp Air is in play.

Mystery solved, thanks @Modiphius-Ethan !

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