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Custom Scenario: Junkyard Salvage

More of a narrative scenario than a competitive one, but if folk could give it a go and let me know what you think, I’d appreciate it.

If anyone has ideas on how to tweak it or improvements I’m all ears! :slight_smile:


In need of repair kits and first aid, the Sole Survivor has arrived at the nearest junk yard, reasoning that such a high risk location would include a repair station for robots and a first aid kit for the inevitable injuries. Regardless of what loot the Sole Survivor might find, they will most definitely find the local Vermin.

Battlefield Set-Up

The scenario is designed to played on a 3’x3’ table, pitting the Sole Survivor against the Vermin occupying the junk yard.

The Survivors Force consists of the Sole Survivor with up to 100 caps spent on items.

The Vermin Force consists of up to 100 caps spent on units.

Place terrain to represent a relatively dense junk yard across 2 Black range rulers from the Eastern board edge. A road runs from South to North along the edge of the junk yard.

Within the junk yard, place 10 Searchable Markers (2 Item, 2 Lockpick, 1 Danger/Item, 5 Blank) at least Yellow distance apart.

Next, place numbered Investigation Markers equal to the number of Units in the Vermin force - number side up - within the junk yard, at least Red distance apart.

Build the Wasteland Deck: 10mm Pistol, 1 Random Clothing item, Radaway, Robot Repair Kit, Stimpack.

The Sole Survior starts the scenario on the road at the south of the map, within Orange of the board edge.

The Vermin start the scenario without any units on the table - their deployment will be explained later.

The Sole Survivor starts with the Advantage Marker.

Scenario Rules

The goal of the Survivors is to collect as many items as possible before the game ends.

The goal of the Vermin is to kill the Survivors Force.

From the start of Round 2, choose a random AI number token and locate it’s corresponding marker on the table. A single Vermin unit deploys on this marker. The unit must then take one single Move Action in a random direction - determined by Scatter - and end it’s Activation. This new Vermin unit cannot be Activated again in the Round it is deployed - place a Used Readiness marker next to the unit to acknowledge this. A new Vermin unit is deployed onto the table in this manner each turn, until all Vermin units have been deployed.

The game ends after 12 Rounds, or when either the Survivors have collected both the Robot Repair Kit and Stimpack, or the Vermin have wiped out the Survivors.

Example terrain setup: