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Cosmetic Augmentations?

Okay according to what I figured out in the core book the X next to Cosmetic Augmentations must mean the number of cosmetic Augmentations you get. For example, having sparkling blue hair and tiger striped fur would count as two Augmentations.

But when I read the Chimera career in the Nomads sourcebook it says you can add additional Augmentation or increase/improve the value of an existing augmentation. So this makes no sense: how can you improve a cosmetic augmentation?

Also what sorts of cosmetic augmentations wouldn’t be…right for infinity? For example, using the tables in the back of both Blood of Angels (aasimars) and Blood of Fiends (tieflings) sourcebooks for Pathfinder, it would be odd for someone to have arms made to look like they were carved out of marble or to have a halo. Not to mention, hair that looks like fire or to give you fairy/dragon wings. Or even making prismatic shadows.

Well someone on the discord channel mentioned that improving a cosmetic augmentation could be making it so that your augmentation generates momentum.

From TheOldBadger:
it could be used in social situations to get more traction with certain groups of people, like wearing something cosplay related might get you more noticed by people into that anime or franchise

That does actually make a lot of sense.

pg. 366 of the corebook answers the question on momentum. you can get X bonus momentum with a subculture at the cost of +X complication range for the same social tests outside of that subculture. so, get some cosmetic augs to look like final boss might help you impress aristos and aristeia fans with 2 bonus momentum, but might increase your complications when trying to get paradiso vets who’ve faced agent dukash to a range of 17+.

to your original post, let’s say you have a cosmetic aug of +1 bonus to aristeia fans (many chimera and pupniks start out on an illegal fighting circuit). the career path would let you increase to +2. theoretically, depending on the type of cosmetic aug you get, you can stack multiple and multiple hit locations, but as a player and GM i’d say you’d treat it as one aug with a +2 bonus/complication range rather than two at +1.


I see that does make a whole lot of sense. Thank you!

And also if I’m assuming this right: each feature that would function as a cosmetic augmentation counts as 1 so if a character had these cosmetic augmentations:

Fox fur with tiger stripes and cheetah spots and cheetah facial tear markings 3

Catlike eyes 1

Paw pads on hands and feet 4 (or would this count as 1?)

Jackal ears 1

Coywolf tail 1

Foxlike face 1

They would need 11 cosmetic augmentations correct? If I did my math right and I’m pretty sure I did.

i don’t see the need to break these down to that level of granularity. for instance, i think fur type and pattern is really just one thing (three to me means three separate procedures. not sure why this couldn’t be done in one swoop). probably ears, eyes, face, tail, and hands and be condensed into their own fully body cosmetic mod. maybe all of this could be just one or two cosmetic augs, depending on how your GM feels about it.

i think the main thing here is that augs are limited in slots overall and cosmetic doesn’t need the same breakout as ability enhancements since its not potentially game breaking. i would think of the adjustments to your character in the simplest terms, though the detail of how the aug looks can be as complex as fits the need of the character you’d like to portray. pretty sure any GM should be willing to work with you on that.

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Yeah that does make more sense than separating everything into categories like I have above. Maybe instead of needing 11 cosmetic augmentations maybe just 5 instead to make things more simpler.