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Question about Genemods

Trying to figure out how much risk and maintenance and cost for this specific Genemod package. Also, do I still need to follow the

Enhanced Attack: Teseum Wolf claws with Piercing 1
Enhanced Attack: Tiger/wolf fangs
Inured to Aging
Super jump
Keen Senses: Scent and Sound
With Bootleg 2

This is for a character that is just starting out. The genemod package is to represent when she started out as a Chimera and served as an Uberfalkommando (she also worked on the side as a movie star and prostitute).

I ask as I’m having trouble figuring up the details. If anyone can help me out I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

so, answering this question requires a lot of reading. much of this is new to me, sooooo i can be wrong. normally i’d post relevant text as quotes but there’s enough here that i’ll just cite pages and books. relevant passages are: Core Book Augmentations pg. 344, Nomad Book: Custom packages pg. 96

let’s start with the steps.

  1. Start with a base of 1+5§
  2. Add Modification options

Enhanced Attack: Teseum Wolf claws with Piercing 1 [+2 tariff, +1risk] 3+1N
Enhanced Attack: Tiger/wolf fangs (assuming your going for Piercing 2 total) [+2 tariff, +1 risk] 3+1N (but maybe both should be 3+2N)
Inured to Aging [one by my count +1 Maintenance +1 Tariff, 1+1= 2 Risk] 2+1N
Super jump [+1 Tariff, +1 Maintenance] 1+1N
Keen Senses: Scent and Sound [looks like 2x keen senses to me so +2 Risk] 1+2N
With Bootleg 2 [-2 maintenance and tariff, +2 risk]

  1. Tally the Cost, Maintenance, Tariff, and Risk of your package

Maintenance: Aging (+1) + Super Jump (+1) + Bootleg (-2) = 0
Tariff: Claws (+2) + Teeth (+2) + Aging (+1) + Super jump (+1) + Bootleg (-2) = 4
Risk: Claws (+1) + Teeth (+1) + Aging (+2) + Keen Senses (+2) + Bootleg (+2) + 6 mods = 14

  1. Consult the Custom GeneMod Table to determine the package’s final cost

base (1+6N) + Claws (3+1N) + Teeth (3+1N) + Aging (2+1N) + Super jump (1+1N) + Keen Senses (1+2N) + Bootleg (0) = 11+12N for a cost of between 11 and 59? (at Tariff 4, don’t roll effects but your GM might work with you about having an unpaid debt to the unscrupulous doctors that built your Chimera). by my count, restriction should be 4 on an acquisition test.

  1. Roll on the GenoMod Side Effects Table to determine any other effects

at risk 14, you’re rolling on column B

this is also a full body biograft, which means you can get up to two total per the core book. but you can’t add another genemod package to this one. the next set of genemods would replace this. since this is part of your character generation story, if i were your gm i’d just roll with the effects and see what you did to yourself here. otherwise, you’re rolling on the aug procedure table (core book pg 345) and risking the attendant complications. tbh, i think the implication is that the bioengineering side effect table should replace the core book side effects, but i’m not sure i read that in either book, so ymmv. the other time i’m not sure about is if you should treat the weapons at 1 biomod with 2 effects which would reduce cost by 3+1N, tariff by 2, and risk by 1. maybe other folks can chime in on how they read it. hope this at least points you in the right direction

Wow! This is quite helpful! Thank you so very much!

Let’s see what the side effects will be.

Rolls a 3

Armor Soak 1 to head.

Not bad. Since it’s her skull you can’t tell her skull is reinforced. But this is good for fights and such.

I was hoping for the one where you get an additional vigor point but this one is good too. I got 10 vigor points already. And when you think about having an additional point of internal armor (she didnt have any to begin with) to your head is quite good and even better than having more vigor.

Again thank you for the help! This also helps me figure out how to calculate any gene mods for other characters.

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