Custom Genemods / Metachemistry

In the BIOENGINEERING SIDE EFFECTS TABLE (FB Nomads, p.97) some events list Morale as the Value to be changed. Given however that it is paired with Vigor and Firewall, the question arises, that Resolve is meant. Would someone second this interpretation ?

Countering the negative effects of Low- or Zero-G-Enviroments (short as well as long term) on your body (by using LHost or Genemod), would you use Environmental Adaptation or the Inured to … Mod, or both ?

Was there any clearification published on the metachemistry Live Event Topic in the Merc FB, or is it still wasting a quarter of a page…

If I successfull hazard a career from foreign faction career table, what happens to my faction status ?

thx and bb