Conan Starter Bundle

I ordered the starter bundle on March 9th.
Got email on march 12th.
Checked on march 13th on DHL site and said returned to shipper.
I emailed support later that day.
It is to come to here where I live Canton IL US.
Can anyone tell me what happen.

Support has access to your acvount and are the ones that can tell you what you need to know. Also DHL can tell you why it was returned.

How can DHL tell me what is the problem

Call the customer service number for your location or the global one and provide the tracking number. They will probably explain or say something generic as an excuse. Last time I was told that they nobody was at the address while I was actually there.

I called DHL they said no idea why it was sent bsck. Person I talked to thinks package damage or missing some thing. Had anything noted .

They’re carrier should make a note about it wasn’t delivered. Once its in their hands Modiphius has no control over it. If the carrier returns it to Modiphius, they have a reason and should know what it is. Support@modiphius should be able to rectify the problem, however, and get your order resent to you.

How long should I wait before I email support again about my order.

Thank you I got my books today. Now I have some reading to do.