Modiphius US Store - Issues Shipping to Canada

So, I’ve been waiting almost three months for a shipment from the US Store. Apparently they ran into issues at the border back in August and couldn’t leave the country. Customer Relations has been nice but still no shipment or projected date for when I’ll see my purchases.
Anyone else have similar experiences?

Yes. Yes I have. Had to cancel one order a while back, but the service folks say that the issues ought to be fixed now. Maybe drop them another line to see what’s up? Might have to cancel and re-buy / ship or something to that end.

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Yeah I’ve been holding off on cancelling. I was indulging myself when I placed it and trying not to re-visit my decision.
Anyway, emailed them again and hoping for some good news.

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Just an update: received my order today. It’s just a couple of days shy of four months but, in the end, it arrived in good condition.