Does support exist?

Day 4 closing out for pdf/brick mortar response. Sent a follow up email. No response.

@TultaMunille I am not sure when you will get a response but I am sure that you will in time. I sent an email to support back on September 21st and received no reply until October 5th. The next day I sent a follow-up question to their reply and am still waiting for a response eight days later.

If I were to make a guess, I’d think that they are a bit busy and short-handed as they juggle with running their primary UK-based store and open the new US-based store. Just be patient and they will answer your email “in the order received.”

Unfortunately, shortly after posting this, I received a reply…however they didn’t read the letter and gave me information for a different product. Guess I’m waiting for another 4 days for someone to actually read the Subject line.