Chapter 3 ESO sorceress adversary

I asked this last fall but there was no resolution. Since we got a printed sorceress card in the chapter 3 back I thought I’d ask again:

The Sorceress Adversary card has a shield defense ability, but no block skill. It’s a powerful shield. Is this supposed to be a ward?

Gavin replied that it only applies against ranged attacks, but it’s still not clear if it’s supposed to be a ward and use the restoration skill, or the strength attribute.


Sorry for the delay on this. Let’s see if I understand the question right.

It’s a Ward so I think we have a typo here. The following changes need to be made;

  • Change ‘Shield’ to ‘Ward’.
  • Change the Block icon to the Restoration icon.
  • Give the model the Restoration Skill on its Wisdom Attribute.
  • After the block dice, add ‘(Against Ranged only)’


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So does the Ward protect against Physical ranged attacks, like arrows, using the dice on the card?

Physical ranged attacks aren’t really a thing but I take it to mean non-magical attacks? Yeah, it works against those.

Well, physical damage is a damage type in p.93.
You could say non-magical ranged attacks or Physical ranged attacks if you want to talk about common arrows and throwing daggers.

So that Ward could not protect you against Flames (melee Spell) at melee?

  • The Sorceress’ ward presumably wouldn’t allow the check to gain the bonus black die against Flames if she were targeted via melee (if it is indeed against Ranged Only, though that seems to be unique to her version of the Ward rather than a universal ruling; needs adding to the Errata).

  • But in that situation, if the defending (warded) model still has the block token then they get a bonus from Resistance (Magic) because warded adversaries maintain that bonus until the Block token is spent (which the Sorceress couldn’t do in melee anyway) so, if it were a magical melee attack such as Flames or an Enchanted weapon, she’d still get a bonus Yellow Die provided she still had a Block token.

Ah! So it is - that one is on me! My bad!

And JimmyW has it right - no black dice vs Flames as it is a melee attack. But if the model has the block token they’d get the Resistance (Magic) against Flames whilst they have the Block token.

But why now Enchanted weapons are Magical weapons? So they could be protected with Magical Resistance? We are going again to the same discussion :sweat_smile:.
Algo, you get a bonus Red die, not a Yellow, due the active Magical Resistance, not because the block token. You get a passive Yellow when you “wield” a shield item on your hand.

Sorry I mis-spoke there and gave an incorrect example so absolutely ignore it :sweat_smile: The principle remains though; you’d get the (Red not Yellow as I’m apparently an idiot today and you can tell I haven’t played in a while…) bonus die from Magic Resistance, even if you can’t access the bonus die from the Ward.

About the Enchanted weapons, you said in other post they are not Magical, why do you say now a Ward could offer protection against them (so they are all Magical now)?
You said elemental damage on Enchanted weapons do Magic damage, but not all Enchanted weapons have elemental damage.

No, I still believe they’re not magical, as mentioned above, it was an incorrect example. Ignore it.

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Hey all,

Let me know when this rules query and discussion is resolved, and I can close this one!

All good with me Dom with those corrected wordings. Maybe we can add a reprint of the Sorceress Adversary to the list of potential errata’d cards for a future card-pack release (as there’s quite a lot to change compared to the existing version)?

Whilst we’re at it can we get a new Hero version of her with a perk that actually does something… I’m aware that’s a completely different conversation.


At the very least, there’ll be an errata for it. What we’ve done for Fallout (and maybe this too, come to think of it) is put a corrected version of the card up as a PDF.

As for a new Hero version, we’ll have to wait and see!

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