Chapter 3 cards questions

Some little questions about chap3 cards.

  1. Is butcher skill “Devastating assault” works on himself?
  2. Staff of fireballs (and also Staff of ice spilkes - treasure) has no soul charges on cards. Does it mean unlimited charges, only one charge, or null charge (to use soul stone)?
  3. Deeja from “Adventurer Fortune Hunters” has Bandit faction icon. Is this mistake or bandits can be used is Adventurers list like Dark Brotherhood or this box is not for use by one player?

Hi, I’ll try to answer these until there’s an official response;

  1. Butcher can’t make use of Strength in Numbers directly as he’s not a follower; his Devastating Assault special rule just improves the options for followers he’s leading.

  2. Taking a guess that this is a mis-print and they should have a Soul Charge value listed (especially as bonuses from spending additional soul charges are directly referenced).

  3. Bandits can’t normally be taken in other Factions (though there are cards for Neutral Mercenaries using the same models) so, unless it’s a mistake (which I wouldn’t know myself), Deeja can currently only be taken in Bandits.

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Hey both,

1 - Strength in Numbers as per the Bandits Faction card only effects Followers, so Butcher’s Devastating Assault can’t effect them as they are not a Follower and therefore, cannot be effected by the base rule.
2 - Staff of Fireballs should have Soul Charges (3). Given that Staff of Ice Spikes does not require Soul Charges, I don’t think that item is missing anything. Please correct me if I am missing something.
3 - Deeja is a Bandit only model. That Adventurer Fortune Hunters box is a bit of a faction grab bag - the Serena model can be used in both Clan Vokihar and Adventurers, with the Dragonborn being in both Clan Vokihar and Dawnguard (off the top of my head anyway, I’m not looking at the cards atm).


  1. “Staff of Ice Spikes does not require Soul Charges”
  • “One Soul Charge is expended each timethe item is used.” (p 77 rulebook)


Add the following keyword to the Staff of Ice Spikes;

  • Soul Charges (3)