Question about Adventure Allies and Followers Cards

Just had a quick question to anyone who ordered the Adventure Allies and Followers Cards packs and received the PDFs for their corresponding character cards. Do characters like Lydia and Jenassa come with the large scale hero cards that can have upgrades, or are they just the standard poker sized adversary cards?

I don’t know if this will have changed by the time the civil war pack releases but from the pdfs that come with the allies and followers, Lydia, Kharjo, Marcurio, Derkeethus, Jennassa, Mjoll and Vorstag only come as hero cards that can take upgrades and the Breton Ranger, Khajiit Thief and Orc Barbarian only come with the smaller follower/ adversary cards.

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There are both hero and adversary versions of the named heroes in the full Chapter 1 card pack, but the followers are only follower/adversary.


Hi to everyone)
Question about hiring Allies and Followers. Can stormcloaks hires non-nord and non-danmer models?

Check the Party Composition rules on page 91-93.

A Party’s Champion decides the Faction, and only models with that Factions icon or the Neutral Icon may be part of their party. So, If Yrsarald is leading a party, as a Stormcloak, he can have models with the Stormcloak or Neutral icons. There’s no restriction for the STormcloaks on hiring Nords, but only 25% of the Models in a Stormcloak party may be Dunmer.

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