Follower cards and adversary carda


I somehow overlooked the differences between follower and adversary cards and have played 4-5 games with followers with an adversary card. Apparently they have stamina and better health!

Lol. But i was wondering before i dive into card pack 2. I’ve got a lot of retired blades minions and adversary cards from the miniature expansion set. I had a quick answer an a previous question, mentioning that the blades faction is in card pack 2. Does this also include the follower cards for all the retired blades from the miniature box (Skyrim the adventure game)? As i already have the adversary cards and actually used it as a follower card in my last game as well…

Or do i get the rules wrong? Are followers only the ‘simple’ minions, while all hero type characters like hadvar can not be a follower, as they always count as a hero? For example, if I take Legate Rikki as my main hero and i take Hadvar in my team as well, I need to use the Hadvar hero card with seperate items etc.

Looking forward to a reply.

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The Retired Blades from the Skyrim Board Game don’t appear in the CtA Chapter 2 Card Pack no; all that is in there for the Blades are the Blades Faction Card itself and the Delphine Hero and Adversary Cards.

It would seem that you’d gotten the intended rules wrong possibly. Typically you won’t be using the Adversary card versions in a player party; you would use either the Hero or Follower cards only so, in your example, yes; you would have Rikke and Hadvar both using their Hero cards. The adversary versions of those characters are generally intended just to be used as adversaries, not in player parties. There isn’t, for example, a Follower version of Hadvar or Rikke; just Hero or Adversary.

Hope that helps.

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Great, thanks for the reply! Didn’t know it was only a faction card and 1 blade hero. Indeed, I was using adversary cards when i used a hero follower, as i did not have a follower card of the hero. Now i know why :slight_smile: Good to know this, I’ll be doing a new game over the next few days with the intended rules right. I wonder if it makes it easier or harder.

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A character will have either a Hero card or a Follower card, but not both. I think everyone that is a Hero or Follower also has an Adversary card, but not all Adversaries have Player versions (regular Dwemer, for instance).

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