Spellcasting questions

I’ve started running a Conan game recently, and am really enjoying the game and the system, but am having a little trouble fully understanding the spellcasting rules.
The specific spell my group had an issue with tonight was Form of a Beast.

The sorceress PC is relatively weak, non-combat capable sort of character. When caught in a fight, he intention was to turn into a bear to fight.
The first mistake we made, was rolling the Sorcery test, and then applying the momentum to effects, rather than choosing the effects to set the difficulty and then rolling, but I’ll put that aside for the moment.
Rolling her sorcery she generated 4 successes.
Transforming into an animal in the standard size range (bear is an example) as a cosmetic effect is listed as D2. This gives her a Natural attack of 4[CD].
She also chose to use Nature’s Brawn to increase her Agility by 3[CD]. (Should we roll the three combat dice to generate the amount of increase, or have a flat 3 increase? I assume roll).

When in bear form, on her action, she then rolls her (new) Agility+Melee, with the Bear’s attack actions of Bite and Claw, but with a damage of 4[CD] instead of the Bear’s 6[CD].

Is this right?

If so, why is the example spell ‘Strength of a Bear’ on page 180, shows as difficulty D4. It seems to me that it is a D2 shape change, with a +1D Nature’s Brawn effect. Where is the extra +1D coming from?


You roll 3 Combat Dice (damage dice) to get an increase between 0 and 6 points (about 2.7 on the average).

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You are absolutely right. - It should be a D3.
This is a well-known and often asked question, way back on the old Google+ group as well as in the old Modiphius forums. But there wasn’t an official answer or clarification (and of course no errata, because there most likely never will be some collected errata).
Even the Sorcery FAQ, which is semi-official, does not address this problem.

I would suggest taking those example spell applications as examples, non-normative, and re-calculate any spell your sorcerer PC wants to cast from scratch.