Enduring Talent & Form of a Beast

Hi all!
I had a quick question regarding the Sorcery Talent -Enduring- found on pg 168 of the Core Rules.

Particularly in regards to the -Form of a Beast- spell found on pg 179 of the very same book.

And the potential Momentum spend -Animal Resilience- found on very next pg 180.

My question is in regards to the bonus Momentum gained from Enduring and whether or not it could be applied to the Casting Cost of Combat Rounds when maintaining Form of a Beast. I ask because it seems to be implied that Duration isn’t really a thing with this spell and is apparently determined by the amount of Resolve you wind up spending each Scene to maintain the transformation.

In a nutshell, I am trying to ask…

Could this bonus momentum from Enduring be used to pay the 1/combat round cost of the Spell from spending it on Animal Resilience?

Hopefully what I am trying to get at makes sense to you all. I had a player ask and is likewise trying to wrap their brains around it all as well.

Much thanks for any replies!

It seems to me like this type of spend is exactly what Enduring exists for. The only thing that I am not sure is if it would work for persistent effects. The rules seem a little hazy on that.

Personally as a GM I’d also allow it. It seems perfectly reasonable.

I’d say Enduring gives you basically one free combat round/non-combat scene of Form of a Beast.

That was our quandary as well. The spell’s Duration is listed As Desired -what Enduring affects- and the Cost is dependent on whether or not the spell itself is performed in or out of combat and then upon the type of Beast/Extras you wind up associating with it; i.e. the sample examples provided of bear/wolf/dog.

This is in itself also raises the question of Wolf Form in general. It appears to be a Difficulty 4 spell to cast and Costs 3 Resolve to cast. Is it then 3 Resolve to maintain each round or the spell’s predefined 1 per combat round or non-combat scene to maintain?

Any officials out there wishing to chime in would be greatly appreciated for some kind of a final ruling, etc. :slight_smile:

I would generally agree with Shran as far as it giving you a free combat round/non-combat scene. For the most part it makes sense to apply it that way. Most magic takes a heavy toll so if you don’t limit that way you’ll have sorcerers running around ripping out people’s hearts for free.

The Momentum spend says “lose 1 Resolve”, and Momentum spends are one-time when the spell is cast. This implies to me that the initial Resolve cost to cast is more expensive (as you have already mentioned), but it still costs 1 Resolve to maintain.