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Can Vampires use blood alchemy items?

If an alchemist has already created an item and another vampire comes across it, can they use that item?

I would rule it as a yes. As long as there is not a specific trigger word/chant/other required to activate it.

Example: a potion made be an alchemist will bestow the same benefit on any who use it.

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I’ve also been wondering this. In particular, can a vampire learn to do blood alchemy or is it only restricted to Thin Bloods?

Rules as written states that all formulas are made with the inclusion of thin blood vitae. That being said, a non-thinned blood vampire using the same formula would fail. To further that train of thought, a vampire could find a formula, and use that as the basis for their own experimentation. Essentially creating a true vampire version of the same alchemy.

The rules state that you require thin-blood vitae… it doesn’t specify where you get that vitae from. There’s more than one elder that would see an opportunity in that were I to wager.


I was thinking the same thing, Karos. Sounds like a great idea for an NPC or goal for a well developed PC with ST approval.

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So I guess if a Thin Blood diablarized to 13th or more he could still use the alchemy but would have to get the thin blood from someone else… Hmmm… evil grin