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Rules Question-Superficial Damage

So, it appears that mortals, not just vampires, only suffer half damage from attacks that cause superficial damage.

At least, it doesn’t say that ONLY immortals take half damage anywhere. I have seen discussions that some people believe that only immortals take half damage from these attacks, but that doesn’t seem to be supported by the rules (unless there is errata I don’t know about). Thanks for any help that you all can give.

Current rules as written say that superficial damage should be halved for everyone.

Page 126 of the Core Book
“Unless otherwise stated, divide Superficial damage in half (rounded up) before applying it to the tracker.”

The errata has not been updated since September 19, and does not mention any changes to superficial damage.

The big difference is that mortals take aggravated damage from many sources.

Vampires only receive aggravated physical damage from Fire, Sunlight, Supernatural claws/bites (ie…Werewolves), and True Faith.

That’s what I thought. Thanks for the help.

A lot of the reason for some of that discussion is baggage from prior editions. V5 does a lot of mentioning things only where they apply, where prior editions, if something applied in once place but not in another, it would say ‘X does not apply to Y’. The same kind of thing happens with getting Advantage points from Flaws on a PC.

As above. ALL superficial damage is halved. But what’s considered superficial damage to some might be aggravated to others. Vampires get tickled if shot at. Humans tend to get dead from the same.