What rules do you not use?

I want my V5 chronicle to be mostly narrative and not roll-happy in keeping with the past emphasis in the Vampire games of narration over rolls. There are a lot of rules in V5 though and some are listed as modular/optional and the book seems to discourage the use of all the optional addons.

I am curious which rules and addons you all have decided to not use out there.

I am considering not using all the rules for Blood Humors/Resonance and maybe not the Advanced Combat Options and possibly some other things.

Anyone have anything to say in here???

If your vampires are all relatively young, the Memoriam isn’t something you need to worry about. Prestation (the mechanics of boons) is a good choice if you want to opt more for Role Play rather than dice rolling. Compulsions make for good RP if your are looking to make something RP rather than dice based.

Thus far my group has not used the Memoriam rules, but we are all playing rather young Vampires. That being said were starting up a second game where every ones playing Ancilla so that may become a rule we start using.

I’ve only used Memoriam during a single chronicle and that was because some players couldn’t make it to the session. Advanced combat rules are also something you can often leave to one side, I’ve found as an ST that I can typically improvise the combat rolls my players need rather than getting bogged down in the book.

The rules that I really haven’t used however, are the social combat rules. I’m going to try and start using them more, but presently the willpower damage just seems a bit too much for me to make regular use of them, and more often than not the RP consequences are enough to motivate my players to try and stack things in their favour.

We have not used the memoriums yet as we have been playing very young vampires. That chronicle just wrapped up and now that we have been playing for a year we decided to start a new campaign playing ancellia so we are going to try memoriums out. We do use blood humors and we love the project systems so one of my players even used a project to open up a dyspraxia in one of her ghouls. Currently we use most of the systems but memoriums may not fit our play style. Only time will tell.

I’ve found the game runs perfectly fine, without these rules in play. Especially since none of my players want to try their hands at being a duskborn.

Advanced combat is fine if you need it, but most conflicts can easily be addressed without slowing the narrative. That being said, it is nice to throw an epic fight scene every now and then.

I don’t use the feeding/slaking penalties on blood potency and ban diablerie. Plus alter the Lasombra bane as I find it too punitive. The rest I’ve not decided on yet.