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Vampy Etiquette

Vampire etiquette basic question:

Is it OK to ask another vamp “what clan are you?”


I guess so. It may come across a bit meta-gamey though.

Some people may take offense to it, but the majority should not feel bothered in the least.

It’s basically asking a kindred their race. IMO

And, of course, some may lie.


I agree with FearGrounds.

It’s pretty much the real life equivalent of asking someone what their ethnic background is/what country they’re from.

Some people will be ok with it. Some won’t.

Setting, clan, and individual personality will all play a factor.

Ministry, Malkavian, Caitiff, Tremere, Duskborn, Banu, Lasombra; just to mention a few…
They all have stigmas attached to their clans, and may not want everyone else to know their origins.

Stigmas, and potentially weaknesses … :slight_smile:

Or their own plots/objectives. A while story could be built around an individual or small group pretending to be something they’re not, to try to make something happen. Or hide from someone else.


This is one of those things that really should happen over time. Not exactly a first date kind of question. LOL


Thanks for the input. Just wandering why some may take offense (Ventrues excluded, of course :rofl:).

It’s okay ask but it’s okay to lie … if you can get away with it

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Just picturing some PC walking up to a random vampire and saying. “You strike me as being Malkavian. You ARE Malkavian…right?”

Or maybe worse…

“Hey!! Always nice to meet a Nosferatu!..”


Of course it wouldn’t be an opening line :laughing: