Campaign System "Project: Lunchbox"

Hello fellow dwellers,

after many, many games I have created a campaign system that is easy to use and fun to follow. I have started writing it all down nice and tidy and would appreciate your feedback! It was designed with three key things in mind:

  1. Quick setup and as little administrative tasks as possible.
  2. Singleplayer and/or cooperative play.
  3. Narrative and character progression.

At this stage, I have laid the groundwork on which to add scenarios (currently working on turning those into coherent scenario pages from a bunch of notes). Since it’s quite a flexible system and can be used with any scenario though, I thought it a good idea to get your opinion already :slight_smile:


just had a quick read through of your Lunchbox and like it…except…and thats not a problem of your system but of FFW…the item decks…i play Battlemode with a friend…sometimes narrative mode with some more friends ( if we had not covid) and now maybe your campain system…for most parts i need my item cards sorted…it takes lot of time to get all the items i need for a gang. so i have all sorted in a folder. i love playing with the physical cards as they give me the best overview. some kind of app or some spreadsheet that can make the 10 differnet stashes of item card and then getting randomly choosen one would be nice…then i can write the found item down…or if he wants to use it immidiattly get if from my cards…so i could play all different modes

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True, if you switch modes often, a spreadsheet would be very handy! However, I can not prepare one because players’ card collections differ so much from one another. So I guess in your case you would fare best if you put in the effort to organize your Item cards in a spreadsheet.
In any case, thank you for your feedback and let me know how it goes if you decide to try it out :slight_smile:

With the addition of a new, 15 scenarios long questline, as well as some rules clarifications, “Project: Lunchbox” has now reached a stage at which you can start a co-op or singleplayer campaign and advance to the point from which most of the official scenarios from modiphius are playable.
So far, it’s a collection of 9 questlines.
As always, I’m happy about all kinds of feedback!
If you want to support this project, I’d be happy if you write me a message - from lore experts to completionist collectors to native speakers to reliable playtesters to campaign writers, there is a lot of different people I could use help from to the benefit of this project! :slight_smile:


This project looks awesome! Excellent work!

I will start a solo-play campaign using Zines from the Commonwealth, possibly merging with some Into the Wasteland 3-scenarios run to add some models to my band. I must decide about my character… based on BoS? possibly a deserter??

To arrange the ten item decks I just have to add a new column with the deck number on my Excel card randomizer.

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Thank you very much! If you end up creating your own character, I’d love to hear their SPECIAL attributes and how your campaign went :slight_smile: Have fun!
Is there a thread or some place where you explain/share your excel card randomizer? Sounds like something people like @Barracuda72 could benefit from!

I finally created a former NCR ranger, his story would be some sort of migration to the East… may be heading to the Commonwealth… SPECIAL are S6 P7 E6 C4 I5 A8 L4. Priority was Agility because I wanted to move red and charge green.

I made this jpg character template according to your rules. My intention is manage SPECIAL with pencil and eraser and painting ranges with acrylics, so these parts of the template are blank. I also assigned pistol and rifle skills to Perception, although that is not stated in the rules. Let me now if this is correct.

I also made this Excel to autocalculate the stats based on SPECIAL. It would be very useful as the character levels up. You should only write your SPECIAL.

And about card randomizer, it needs some translation to English. I would work on it.

Comments are welcome


Thank you so much! I love your ideas for the character creation templates and have added them to the document. I’d like to mention you as a supporter, if you want to - do you want me to add a link to your modiphius account or something else?
And yes, Pistols and Rifles are calculated by PER - good catch! :slight_smile:

I’ve updated the document to make it easier to find stuff, added another quest chain as well as optional, additional rules and some suggestions for players looking for a more difficult experience. I’ve also added quest card functionality, reworked how explore cards are used, made some clarifications and fixed some “bugs” here and there. Oh, and there are some pre-created default characters you can choose from now, too! :slight_smile: Enjoy and happy gaming!
As always, I’m happy about any and all feedback!

I’ve finally reached the point at which I’m happy to call it version 1.0 :slight_smile: Added and “fixed” stuff here and there, made some further clarifications, but the biggest update is adding a so-called “Office Bundle” which contains all the documents in PDF or Microsoft Excel format. Enjoy and happy gaming!
As always, I still look forward to everyone’s feedback!


Just a quick update, since @Barracuda72 specifically asked for it and @FJElpaco was working on it: someone on Facebook was so nice to create a Loot Table spreadsheet specifically for Project: Lunchbox! So now you only have to enter your cards once and add whatever you buy in the future, but can also keep the physical cards in any order you want and play with them in other game modes! :slight_smile: