Fallout Wasteland Warfare RPG

With the pending release of the Fallout RPG 2d20 system, does this mean that the Fallout WW rpg is now dead? Will there be new book release’s for FWW? I.E. Campaign books like how D&D publishes. I also wonder if there will be at some point a compilation book of scenario’s. Either it being new or past released scenario’s. Trying to track down official ones has been a bear to find.

I understand that there is got to be something in the works, but @Modiphius-Jon, @Modiphius-Chris, @Modiphius-Sam could there be a conversation about this? Or some forum of Diamond city broadcast explaing the future of FWW RPG.

Thank you for the consideration.

I have listed all official questlines I could find alongside my custom ones in the Project: Lunchbox document. Maybe that at least helps you with your search for those.
I do agree more official content would be nice, though!

I have downloaded Project:Lunchbox. And thank you for your hard work. But it feels like since the new RPG coming out, it feels like a Deathbell ring for FWW RPG. Also I was able to find and buy “The Battle for Saugus Ironworks.” and the 12 Green luck dice. From what I have seen there hasnt been a release or reprint of it. So when I saw the [Fallout: Wasteland Warfare – Raiders Organised Play Kit] and [Fallout: Wasteland Warfare – Institute Organised Play Kit] I was quick to buy it. Just have to wait a month for it.

We’ve got parts 2 and 3 of the Unexpected Shepherd solo module in final layout/approval at present.

After that, nothing on the immediate future, but that doesn’t mean its dead.

The 2D20 RPG potentially serves a different audience to this one, so both will remain “live” but its about finding good slots in the schedule for future product that dictates what if anything comes next.

More adventure modules at least can’t hurt.

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Praise the Overseer. Thank you for the info. Any hints at what “Unexpected Shepherd” will be? I.E. Will this be set in a Fallout 3 or 4 setting or maybe NewVegas, going along side those release’s?

Part 1 is already available. Its a FO4 era story that ties to some of the 2P set contents.

What’s modiphius’ take on player generated content on sites like DriveThruRPG? I think a clearly positive statement could encourage the professionals among the community to create more content :slight_smile: I for one was a bit surprised that I couldn’t find anything Fallout related that wasn’t made by modiphius. I understand if that’s too much of a licensing headache, though. Just thought I’d mention it :slight_smile:

We can’t sub licence and if you take money then expect a visit from Bethesda’s legal team.

Beyond that, let me check with the boss as we have people making fan mods for WW base, but not sure where the line falls when it comes to hosting.

EDIT - checked in and the official word is you can make content that is not marked/marketed as official and ideally doesn’t feature Bethesda TMs etc (which I appreciate is tricky as having things like Vault Tec be part of the narrative is kinda key).

You cannot charge for it and at this stage we feel it safer to self host rather than feature on sites like DTRPG/BGG etc to avoid any confusion about official status and money.

Sorry that’s not what you want to hear, but we have to tread the legal line.


No problem, I completely understand and appreciate the well explained response. Clarity on such issues is always a good thing :slight_smile: