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Brotherhood of steel conversions

I was thinking about converting the brotherhood of steel characters from FO76 steel dawn. For Knight Shin I was thinking a t 51 suit with the male sole survivor head from the X0 1 box (maybe with a bit of green stuff work) but I was stumped with finding a suitable head for Paladin Rahmani ,any advice would be much appreciated.

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Have you checked out Victoria miniatures? They have a fairly large selection of female heads for conversions.

I’m not a 100% sure how they will fit scale wise, but I have a few at home so I’ll see if I can check it out later.

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Thanks for the recommendation but I had a look and couldn’t find any suitable heads but thanks again for letting me know about the site

Maybe I could sculpt some hair onto the bald heads they sell ?

Also check out Statuesque Miniatures they sell a nice collection of separate female heads in various sizes to fit different miniature sculpting styles. I think the pulp or fine scale should fit best with the FWW models and it looks like SMA201 Pulp Scale Female Heads has a couple of heads that should work.
(I’m too new to include links but if you search the above you should be able to find it without trouble)

I hope this helps.
(Just realizing I have now signed up for this forum I’m going to have to post photos of my stuff…)


Thanks for the help I’ll take a look and I am new to the forums as well btw
EDIT:I had a look and found some that look great

I was thinking about the same thing. I still haven’t been able to check the scale. I’ll see if I’ll remember to do it later today.

Well I’ve not been on the forums for quite a while so im sure this topic is dead but if it isn’t i was wondering whether aynone knew of any places to get a gatling lasers or an STL for one (apart from the brother hood core set ) as i looking to convert the t51 holding a flamer to Paladin Rhimani from FO76 and so swap the weapons

Some of the Warzone: Mutant Chronicles weapons might do the trick. I think the Resurrection version of the game is still available.