Boost "Jury Rig" & "Rousing Words" doubts

I have doubts about two boots of the Settlement Deck:

Jury Rig
It gives a combat bonus at start of a battle. Below, there is a “Consequence” section indicating that the weapon explodes.

I have read about “Consequences” for Exploration cards, but how does this card work? Do I apply the bonus at the start of the battle and then put it inside the Event deck?

Rousing Words
When playing the card, for the current turn of the model and within Aura, It gives a skill bonus, but in order to use the bonus by other model in Aura, the current turn will be finished. Isn’t it?



Yes, that’s right. You get the bonus from the start up until the Consequence happens when it explodes. (Potentially, you could drop the weapon before the consequence happens to avoid still holding it when it explodes, but it has to be before the consequence appears.)

Aura effects affect the model itself too so the model the card is played on will gain the benefit (so long as it is played before their first action). The effect lasts for the current turn, so other models can benefit from it if they are activated in the same turn, i.e. make multiple models Ready and then activate them (so they all activate during the same turn).

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