Best paints for miniatures

Just wondering, I’m hopefully going to foray into the world of miniatures for the first time in a while, but haven’t painted resin-based models before.

I know they need a thorough clean with soapy water…

My previous approach would be for an undercoat (usually black) and paint on top of that; does that still stand for resin?

What brands/types of paints give the best and easiest coverage? I have painted a lot of a particular brand, where there is/was only war, but I haven’t painted for a few years, so don’t actually have any materials or equipment at the moment

Tamiya acrylics are fantastic (and I would definitely use acrylics). There are some other decent ones, but Tamiya aren’t much more expensive, but you get a much more substantial quality jump.

Thanks for that, interesting…

I usually use Games Workshop/Citadel paints. Lots of colors and generally good quality.

I would generally have went for GW paints, I was considering other options too…

My favorites are Vallejo, Citadel, and Reaper. I’ve never worked with P3’s range but I have tried Army Painter acrylics but don’t recommend them (their primers even more so). The thing is there is no one brand. Each company may do something a little differently but everyone has something they do particularly well to contribute to a paint/hobby kit. It’s also subjective so what I like about a product someone else might not. The three brands I lead with all produce quality products. I’d lean toward Vallejo or Reaper because I prefer my paints in a dropper over a bottle.

My shelf is Reaper (big selection of colours) some P3 (really nice colours but dislike the pots.) Vallejo and some Army Painter. if a rattle Can primer then I use Army Painter. Citadel do very nice paints but the nearest one is 30min away now so i tend to go with easier to get options. I do want to get my hands on some Scale75 paints to try.

Can someone post some palette, color suggestions also?