Best game to start 2d20

Had my eye on some 2d20 games for a bit and was wondering which game would be the easiest to learn with first. My knee jerk reaction is Star Trek as it seems like equipment, vehicles, and the like would be a lot more limited than say Infinity. Thanks in advance for any input and happy gaming!

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I’d likely start with Star Trek. It’s a well known franchise so finding players is pretty easy, there’s a fair bit of support, the forums are active and mechanically it’s not as crunchy as Conan or Infinity.


Also, a number of the 2d20 games have basic starter kits for free.


I’d say star trek. There is so much support for it and very active community online regarding it.


Star Trek as well. The range is brilliant and there are lots of adventures/mission briefs to help kickstart things.

But I will add a vote for Conan if your group is moving from D&D/fantasy and you want to keep some familiar themes while shifting systems.
I’ve had groups who the idea of sci-fi was a turn off.