Battle Report: The Lost Journal

Hey guys and gals. Tonight I commandeered the coffee table and set up some terrain to play tutorial scenario 4: The Lost Journal.

I thought I’d take photos as the game progressed and make a kind of battle report.

I’ve not done one of these in years, so suggestions and advice would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Let’s get started!

First up, the gaming board:

Now, turn by turn status reports…

End of turn 1 - the sole survivor has located the safe and knows which key it needs. Dogmeat has taken radiation damage.

The super mutants advance…

Turn 2. The mutant hound charges dogmeat but fails to hit.

The brute fires it’s missile launcher at Nate… Oh dear…

Hit for a massive 5 physical damage, Nate fails his armour roll. Only his strong armour blocks the damage. One more point of damage and the power armour will be broken.

Settler number one - let’s call her Mayhem - enacts some revenge on the brute, firing 2 shots with her combat rifle from her vantage point, taking a total of 2 wounds from the hulking super mutant.

Aviator, thrown into a rage by the brute’s grunts of pain, returns fire with his bolt action pipe rifle. Hit twice, Mayhem takes a round to the face and her head vanishes in an explosion of blood, bone, grey matter, and flying eyeballs!

To end the turn, settler number 2 - now named Brooks - heads to a searchable marker looking for the safe key, but instead finds a Fusion Core and pockets it to give to Nate later.

The sledgehammer equipped super mutant charges Nate, smashing away his last point of strong armour. The next point of damage that gets through will break the power armour.

Dogmeat attacks the mutant hound, causing 2 damage, but takes another point of radiation damage due to their proximity to radioactive barrels.

Turn 3…

Nate, facing down a raging super mutant, keeps his cool and blasts it at point blank with his laser rifle, causing 2 damage. The mutant swings the sledgehammer in return, but the weapon merely rebounds from Nate’s power armour.

Aviator sees Brooks and fires his rifle, hitting twice and killing the brave settler.

Dogmeat continues to harry the mutant hound, and proves too quick for the larger beast, bringing it down in a flurry of savage bites.

The brute rages at the death of its pet, and fires a missile at dogmeat, who isn’t quick enough to dodge it, losing a point of his strong armour and taking a point of damage. The radiation in the area, however, does not phase the courageous dog.

Turn 4…

Nate fires his laser rifle at the super mutant, but in the confusion of the melee, both shots go wide. Off balance from the incoming fire, the super mutant fails to capitalise, swinging wide with his sledgehammer.

Dogmeat sprints between searchable markers, failing to find the key but collecting a stun baton to return to his master.

The brute fires another missile at the slippery dog, taking his last strong armour and doing another point of damage, before moving off to give him a clear line of sight to Nate and the sledgehammer mutant.

Aviator, seeing his opportunity, leaps across cover and slams his board down into Dogmeat, causing a massive 3 points of damage. Dogmeat fails his save and goes down with a pained yelp.

Only Nate remains. Aspirant Goddard might not get his missing journal back after all.

Turn 5…

Knowing he’s in trouble, Nate breaks off from combat and smashes through cover, sprinting toward the nearest searchable marker.

As he turns to run, the super mutant’s sledgehammer hits him in the back, breaking his power armour.

The brute snaps a shot with his missile launcher, but the shot goes massively wide, exploding in a pile of junk, launching scrap metal in all directions.

Not wanting to let the metal man escape, all three mutants charge after him.

His power armour sluggish due to the damage, Nate fails to get away. Things are looking grim.

Turn 6…

Nate attempts to flee combat, forcing the eventual attacks with charge bonus’ applied to be quick actions.

Even that wasn’t enough to save him, as Aviator dealt a killing blow with his board as Nate turned to flee.

The super mutants win the game, and the journal will remain locked in the junk yard safe to be retrieved another day.


That was a great read, I’d love to see more battle report posts in the future!


I’ll do tutorial 5 tonight then :slight_smile:


Just checking but you say he failed his armour roll against 5 damage and only his hard armour saved him… you know armour tokens are void while in power armour right?

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I did not. I’ll re-read the power armour rules again.

At any rate, one of the points of strong armour came from the power armour itself anyway.

Thanks for pointing this out. :slight_smile:

Love it! I really enjoy a good written batrep, keep it up!


Thank you for posting the report. It was an enjoyable read. Those Super Mutants really hit very hard in this game. Hopefully, the Survivors will be able to make a comeback in the next game. I’ve only played the first tutorial game, so far, but I think that tutorial four looks to be the most difficult for the Survivors, especially because of all those radioactive barrels.

I really like the terrain that you’ve made. It really enhanced the table top and it felt like a junkyard.

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