Battle Report: The Coming Storm

Sorry guys and gals, I’ve been holding out on you all! I posted this up to the Wasteland Warfare Facebook group last week and foolishly forgot to post it here as well! My apologies!

I recently played the final tutorial scenario, and made a battle report out of it. So here we are: The Coming Storm.

Firstly, the forces. Survivors:

Super Mutants:

And the gaming table:

Turn 1

The survivors advance, hugging cover as best as they can…

…but that doesn’t stop Aviator and Ram shooting at them as the super mutants advance, though the extreme range causes both shots to go wide.

Meanwhile, the enslaved tech and a mutant hound head towards the safety of the vault entrance, hoping to catch the survivors in a pincer move.

Turn 1 ends with 4 luck tokens on the Deathclaw card…


Turn 2…

Nate makes a run for the north-eastern siren, but his activation heralds the arrival of the Deathclaw.

The mutant hound charges Mayhem, but she flees, and it’s bite misses her as she retreats. She fires her assault rifle back at it but misses. Brooks makes a dash passed the snarling beast and upstairs into the nearby building as dogmeat charges the hound, but misses with his own bite.

Seeing the huge beast bursting onto the field, Aviator fires his rifle at the Deathclaw but misses. The super mutant throws two fragmentation grenades at it, one goes wide, but one lands squarely at its feet.

The Deathclaw charges through the explosion entirely unscathed, but the concussion of the blast causes it’s swipe to miss the mutant.

Coyote (Goddard) rushes across the field toward the enemy, and is met in combat by Ram.


Finally, the enslaved tech and mutant hound rush forward, springing their trap and making a run at an unsuspecting Nate…



Turn 3…

Survivor Brooks attempts to climb up to the roof of the building but falls without injury. Dogmeat and the mutant hound tear strips out of each other.

Coyote and Ram trade blows, both parties taking damage.

Mayhem and Nate engage the enslaved tech and mutant hound, gunfire failing to find targets but the melee drawing blood on both sides.

Aviator and the super mutant engage the Deathclaw after the mutant falls back, grenades and bullets chipping away at the creature’s armour.

Enraged, the Deathclaw charges Ram. The brute - busy fighting Coyote - fails to recognise the beast before it scoops him up, crushing him in it’s massive claws and hurling him across the field, leaving the brute injured and stunned.

Coyote watches her adversary sail over the top of her head, but any satisfaction is quickly quashed by the realisation that she is squarely in the Deathclaw’s path, and it is ■■■■■■!


Turn 4…

Nate and the mutant hound trade blows, without success. Mayhem and the enslaved tech trade shots, the tech taking 2 damage.

Brooks attempts to climb again, without success but without any injury.

Dogmeat finishes off the mutant hound and charges the Deathclaw, trying to keep it away from Coyote so she can finish off Ram - but neither the power armoured survivor or the super mutant brute manage to capitalise.

To protect their master, the sledgehammer Mutant and Aviator charge Coyote and the Deathclaw respectively, though neither manage to damage their foe.

In return, the Deathclaw hits dogmeat with a backhand swipe, causing 2 damage and stunning him.


Turn 5…

The melee continues to rage. With Coyote distracted by the sledgehammer Mutant, Ram makes a run for it, and charges into Nate with his second action.

The sledgehammer mutant tries to take on Coyote but cannot find a gap in her power armour. In return, she smashes it in the face with her baseball bat, causing 2 damage.

Dogmeat attacks the Deathclaw, causing another point of damage. Aviator seizes the opportunity, adding another point of damage to the massive beast, before sliding around it and attacking dogmeat, putting him down for good.

The Deathclaw swipes at Aviator but hits only armour. It then attempts to crush him but misses as the mutant throws himself out of reach.

Nate braces for impact as Ram comes hurtling around the corner and barrels into him. Both heroes use action points to attack each other, though neither manages to damage the other. Ram does manage to chip away the last of Nate’s strong armour.

The mutant hound uses the distraction to bite down ■■■■■■■ Nate’s leg, drawing blood.

Seeing his leader in trouble, Mayhem charges in and manages to land a blow on Ram whilst his back is turned.

The enslaved tech raises his rifle to fire, before thinking better of it and instead throws himself into the melee.


Turn 6…

Nate breaks combat and sprints for the safety of the vault entrance…

…but so does Ram and the last remaining Hound.

Standing atop the vault entrance, all three are visible to all, and are sitting ducks…

Mayhem and the enslaved tech go toe to toe. Mayhem puts a hole in the traitorous human with her assault rifle. Gasping for air that won’t come, the tech breathes his last.

Coyote swings a massive blow with her baseball bat, and crushes the skull of her super mutant foe.

Knowing this could well be it, Aviator cuts and runs, ducking the Deathclaw’s angry swipe.

Lining up his last ditch shot, Aviator fires at Nate and… Misses!

Brooks - knowing that he won’t reach shelter before the storm arrives - squeezes the trigger of his assault rifle, and hoses the Deathclaw with fire, causing 1 final point of damage.

The beast charges him in return but fails to hit him in his elevated position.


Result: Draw!

The mutant hound leaps at Nate, and drops to the ground, the beast sailing over his head and rolling off the other side of the vault entrance.

Connecting the jack from his Pip Boy, Nate sends the command to open the blast doors and call the elevator.

As the elevator descends, the blast doors closing above him, Nate breathes a sigh of relief. He had made it.

A flash of green lightning illuminated the darkening elevator shaft for a moment, and Nate’s eyes widened as Ram dropped down onto the elevator platform with a deafening boom.

The immense brute slowly got back onto his feet, and glared at the Sole Survivor with murderous intent.

Nate turned and leapt from the platform, landing on a maintenance catwalk. Not daring to look back, he sprinted deep into the vault, chased by Ram’s roar of defeat.

He who lives and runs away…