Battle mod. Some questions

Before the tournament, I want to find out a number of questions, that would not deceive the participants. The tournament by the Battle MOD rules. 1. In Force Lists there is no conventional armor and things (jackets, helmets / caps) and so on. I understand that if there are no sheets in the forks, then they are not used in this game mode. 2. How does Debuff work from Piper, if it kills it to its activation?

  1. Correct, there are many items (including most armor and clothing items) that currently can’t be taken in battle mode

  2. When Piper activates, she chooses one eligible enemy model to receive the debuff. Then the next time she activates, you remove that debuff and place a new one. You can choose to place it on the same model as long as it’s still eligible


Thx. If Piper was killed befroe his next activation debuff removed or not?

That’s a good question. It should be removed when she is removed. (The effect is her verbally bad-mouthing and annoying the target.)